Coming October 23rd and 24th to Ridgecrest for

exclusive performances at the BHS Class of '70 45th Reunion!


Remember the fantastic Battles of the Bands staged in our home town in the late sixties and early seventies?

Well, whether it seems "just like yesterday", or you missed those heart-thumping events then - you can enjoy the thrill of seeing and hearing some of those very same musicians both Friday and Saturday of our reunion # 9 ~ part of our "doing it up fine!"

'Cause the (recently) renowned 1970 Reunion Band will be live on stage to bring back memories and create some special new ones.  

Introducing the "boys in the band"…

Rep'ing the Northwest

On drums and vocal ~ Danny Miller from Eugene, OR

On bass and vocal ~ Paul Hupka from Port Orchard, WA

On drums, guitar and vocal ~ Steve Roberts from Logan, UT

Rep'ing SoCal

On guitar and vocal ~ Gene Warren from San Diego, CA

On lead guitar and vocal ~ Tony Jaime from Ridgecrest, CA

Rumor has it that there's a chance Jim Badalich and Don Carlisle might make an appearance as well and fans are encouraged to contact these two rock stars through our class website and/or Facebook to persuade them to be a part of this epic performance!

Band members are really excited about the awesome play list they are putting together and looking forward to playing some of the great tunes we grew up with and love. Friday at John's Pizza will be open to classmates from all years, so if you have friends "in town", be sure to invite them to join us.

From Paul …

"Friday at John's Pizza will be acoustic night.  We'll be playing some great songs, but not so loud, so we can visit, listen and dance as we like.  Saturday night after dinner, we will be playing a mix of acoustic and electric music with a little more mojo for those who would like to tear up the dance floor!  It's going to be a blast and we're really excited to see everyone."

We're excited to see - and hear - them  too!  Don't miss out!