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07/23/15 12:46 PM #9    

Jeannie Rhyn (Perez)

Love seeing the class photos thanks Debbie.  The K teacher at Vieweg was Miss Crooksden (spelling?) and the First Grade-Vieweg was Mrs. Stump.

07/24/15 10:13 AM #10    


MaryAnn Hillman (Newton)

I was in Mrs. Stump's 1st grade class too! She was one of the best teachers! 

07/24/15 12:12 PM #11    


William 'Willie' Walters

What!! We were in the same class!? There were two kindergartens at the place I went. Our teacher was Mrs. Irving (?) and she would dye her hair. Her husband must have been in the military, because she went to Las Vegas by 1960 and unfortunately died not too many years after.  There were two classes in the morning, one in a sheet metal building, with a chain link fence around the play ground. When the weather was good, we could paint at easles outside. The other was in a wing directly across from us, they also had a chain link fence around some grass. We went there once to watch a couple of films, one of which was 'Willie the Skunk'.  We also went to the cafeteria  with the 'big' kids, had jello with carrot shavings (yum!) and danced the 'Hokey Pokey' (which may be what it's all about). The best treat would be 'milk duty', when you got to take the wagon and get milk at the office. Laura Dodson, Curtis Cardwell, Sam ? were in my class. Does anyone remember when somebody with connections to the 'Wyatt Earp' show came and gave out publicity stills? I had that for years.

11/15/21 01:11 PM #12    

Debra Rodgers (Blackmon)

Regrets for false intel: I take full responsibility for declaring our beloved Willie Walters dead yesterday and posting his photo In Memory.  Willie informs me he yet lives.  Hurray!

Debra Blackmon


11/16/21 09:25 AM #13    

Joleigh Sakraida (Rafalski)

I am overjoyed at the latest update regarding dear friend!  Willie - you are one of my favorite people and the world is better for you continuing to be in it.  Take care,  Hope very much to see you this Spring.heart

11/16/21 01:58 PM #14    

William Schaniel


Thanks for doingthe "In Memory" page.  A live one is just a bonus for more memories.

Take Care,

Bill Schaniel



11/17/21 09:50 AM #15    


William 'Willie' Walters

Wow! With all the nice things being said about me, I'll have to try this more often. ;  )

See you all soon, i hope.

04/28/22 12:59 PM #16    

Jim Santangelo

Hello Classmates,

My heartiest congratulations to you all for putting together this fabulous fifty plus two celebration !

Sorry won't be able to make it but my thoughts will be with you.

Peace and Much Love,

Jim Santangelo

04/29/22 08:24 AM #17    

Carol (Theresa) Kersten (Leonard)

  I will not be able to attend this reunion. I have recently moved to Arkansas. This will be the first one I have missed. If anyone wants to reach me.  if you are out this way, let me know  I am in Northwest corner of the state    Have fun I will miss all of you  take care and safe travels  Theresa Kersten-Leonard   aka  Carol Leonard 💕💕💕💕💕❤️❤️>


I am also on facebook


04/29/22 10:09 AM #18    

Amy Licwinko (Prentiss)

Greetings to the Class of 1970! 


I know you'll have a WONDERFUL time together this 50 +2 Reunion weekend. I'll be thinking of you.  Out of all the weekends in this year, I had another commitment for this very same one, so that's why I'm not attending.  However,  recently, Kirk threw out his lower back and presently can't drive or sit in a car very long, and I am recovering from my second bout of diverticulitis, so painful, so we're both stuck at home, going nowhere!  Excuse my language, but it really sucks getting old!  At least our maladies are temporary, but of all the weekends, extremely untimely!  I want to THANK all the many volunteers who are making your weekend together magical.  I’m sure you’ve spent hundreds of hours planning it. Please post as many photos as you can.  I can't wait to see them! 



Amy Licwinko-Prentiss







04/29/22 01:04 PM #19    

Dorene Blackmon (Mollenhauer)

Darryl and I are parked at home waiting for Grandbaby #4 to arrive which is why I am not at the 50+2 reunion, but I'll be there in spirit. I treasure the memories I have of our four years together.   Have a wonderful time.  Post lots of pictures!  

04/30/22 08:20 AM #20    


MaryAnn Hillman (Newton)

I'm going to miss seeing all of you at the Reunion. I'm my younger brother's caretaker, so leaving him alone is not an option. I LOVE seeing the photos of all of you shared on Facebook. Enjoy your weekend. Hugs from me.

04/30/22 09:34 AM #21    


Bill Cox

I hope everyone is having a good time this weekend.  I'm at a field trial just north of College Station TX this weekend. I'm running two of my best dogs toward their championship placements.  Life is good here in the Texas Hill Country since retiring from Northrop Grumman. My best Regards to all.

05/01/22 10:53 AM #22    

Don Carlisle

Hi Don Carlisle here,
I've been sending my blessings
and feeling a little nostalgic
thinking of all you at the class reunion of 1970.
Our life timing didn't permit Patti and I to attend this time. But I've heard some good feedback so far...I wanted to thank Joliegh and all of you who sent some of your Burroughs memory highlights. I'm writing a homage to our time/class called 'Class Reunion'... it is quite underway. Just not enough to share it with you yet. And if I get my dreams come true we'll do a go with our virtual desert band...Overall its been quite an adventure or two since Burroughs days. But some good foundations and friends were made that have been invaluable. My very best to all of you! Thanks for the memories...
Regards, Don Carlisle

05/02/22 11:24 AM #23    

Joyce Phillips (Youngs)

Thanks so much to everyone who worked on the 50+2 class reunion. What a great weekend!! You must be exhausted!!  So much fun seeing classmates and reconnecting with old friends. 

05/04/22 11:17 AM #24    

Sandy Hamilton (Hoagland)

THANK YOU 50++ Reunion Committee for all the work done on our Reunion! And the group pic is outstanding! What an attractive class, I must say, even 50++ years after graduation! The event was entertaining, and it was so good to see so many friends. I am so proud to be a member of the Class of '70. Hats off to committee members Julie, Pam, Ruth, Chris, Melody, and Joleigh for all the effort you put into making this event a memorable one. Gotta also acknowledge THE BAND! Our 38-year old son, who also attended, was impressed with your style, music, and playing longevity. His 20-year reunion is coming up this summer and his comment was: "hope ours is as good as yours, Mom!" My sincere thanks to everyone who put in time and energy to make this a grand celebration. Class of '70 Rules!

05/04/22 08:54 PM #25    

Joyce Phillips (Youngs)

Is there a place to see the picture Sandy mentioned. I'm not on Facebook. Thanks!!

05/05/22 08:01 AM #26    

Melinda Marsh

It has been wonderful to see all of you! Thanks for sharing so much, and thanks to the committee who made it happen.  Maybe next time???


05/05/22 09:51 AM #27    

Ruth Peckham (Khan)

I really enjoyed seeing so many of you this weekend.  So glad you had a fun time and were able to visit with so many classmates. 

***  Joleigh is deligently working on uploading photos to this web site, however, the site is still being testy so bear with us while the site webmasters help resolve the issues.

05/05/22 11:09 AM #28    

Joleigh Sakraida (Rafalski)

It's taken several days to process all the feelings and thoughts I want to express following our wonderful reunion weekend - as I had some profound and even surprising reactions.  So much effort over the past two years has been exerted to reach all the members of our class and to plan a special event that would be accessible and affordable to all.  Lots of challenges to say the least!  I had the priveledge of working with a dedicated core team of classmate friends - Melody, Ruth, Chris, Pam, Julie and our  creative decorations diva, Tary.  We are a diverse group, with different experiences, ideas and opinions...and it all made the planning - and the result - so much richer.  I have so much respect, appreciation and love for each of these individuals.  We had so much fun and I feel like I've acquired new family members! (A couple were already my sisterssmiley). The process of planning and the "enforced patience" as we collectively made the tough decision to postpone several times in order to insure the safety of people we cared very much about, have been rewarding in so many ways!  A growth experience as well as joyful.

And then the weekend finally arrived - actually five days of friendship and fun, as we had the great fortune to have the band set up and play in our garage Wednesday, as well as the growing crew of visiting volunteers who helped make the gift prizes and auction items such a beautiful treasure trove.  Sunday  afternoon, Tom came in from his shop, gave me a hug and asked if I was also feeling melancholoy and missing everyone - YES!

And that brings me to some of those unepected feelings.  I knew there would be the "let down" after all that work and anticipation, but I hadn't prepared for the impact of reconnecting, or really connecting for the first time with acquaintances who had become such impressive, warm and inspiring people...who I wish I could be with on a regular basis.  I know, we are fortunate to now have internet interaction, etc. , but not anywhere near as fulfilling as a hug, belly laugh and soul-sharing in person.  How lucky I am that some of those folks live here or close by!

More thank yous to come on the part of the committee as a whole for sure.  I want to personally express my appreciation to Tom, my husband and hero, to our band and our fantastic "band wives", especially Susan Greedy Roberts for all the set up and decorating help.  And to Phil Martin, Debby Berry Newton, Norman George, Dan Kus, Steve Gutierrez, Brenda Bettis Charles, Cary Dabbs, Sandy Hamilton Hoagland, Reed and Lupe Bowles for showing up early Saturday, rolling up their sleeves and making it happen!  We couldn't have done it without you!  And there were so many "little" things and moments that made such a big difference - like the humor and support David and Anise Ritchie instantly offered to help dispell the frustration of a 40-minute late bartener and elusive water pitchers! One of many, many appreciated and sustaining gestures that made the whole weekend so amazingly great!  Clixie's amazing dancing, Mary's wit, Willie's touching insight, Debee's renewing love. And such behind-the-scenes generosity!  You are all such an incredible group. Still processing and enjoying - and sending everyone my heartfelt love and appreciation.  heart J

05/05/22 12:46 PM #29    

Pam Green (Burkhalter)

Oh my gosh, what a weekend!! Thank you Jo, Mel, Ruth, Chris and Julie for all the hours and hours of work over the past 2 years.  Also, Debbie Berry Newton, the band and singers (Rita and Mary) and scores of others that were major players in the setting up of the room, mostly on Saturday.  What a room it was, absolutely BEAUTIFUL.  The balloons were great, especially over the band with the blinking lights.

I need to say a special Thank You to Debbie Berry, she volunteered to help and had no idea just how much she was going to do.  From sun up to sun down, helping me and Ruth with the gifts and auction items.  Plus, Debbie helped me on the dance floor, my husband Art does not dance much due to back issues and I needed someone to be there if I got off balance.  So Debbie and I DANCED OUR LEGS OFF on Friday night.  I HAD SO MUCH FUN!!!

Saturday, I had work to do at the reunion and was so tired from dancing I had to stick to seeing people I hadn't seen in years. And doing my jobs.

If is hard to say just how impressed and proud I am of all the people to pitched in and made our night a reunion to remember.  I have made new and renewed friendships.

Thank you classmates for spending time with all of us.


05/06/22 09:09 AM #30    


William 'Willie' Walters

Once again, so much hard work was done by you - you know who you are. It was great to see you again, and thanks Chris for the opportunity to share my memories with the class. So many heart felt posts on here - need an emoji button so I can reply to each one. Some people asked for copies of my speech, so if you want a copy of the 'final' one that I read, contact me here, and I'll send one along. And Ms Green, as Long John Silver said - "Oh for ten toes!" Awesome job!

05/07/22 09:05 AM #31    

Sandy Hamilton (Hoagland)

Just enjoyed the Photos from our 50th++ and must say, OUTSTANDING! Thanks Tom for a job well done, capturing everyone and the moments we all shared. It was a fantastic evening and event. Cheers to our Class of 1970!

05/10/22 09:15 AM #32    

Kathy Wills (Stensland)

I really enjoyed all the pictures. Everyone looks great. 

05/12/22 12:12 PM #33    

Jim Santangelo

Hello Classmates,

Looks like y'awl had a total blast out shindig ! Thanks so very much for the pics, you folks are one hard working dedicated and talented bunch. Am really sorry i couldn't make it, would have loved to join in the "zumba action" as well catch up with everyone, and revisit my old raffle ticket hawking duties.

with much Love to all,

Jim Santangelo

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