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02/18/10 09:31 PM #1    

Joleigh Sakraida (Rafalski)

Welcome to the Burroughs (sherman) High School Class Of 1970 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

03/16/10 02:39 AM #2    

William Sobalvarro

Hola, how many of this class still live in the area, is there anyone assigned to make some calls and do contacts to locate class members? Which has been the most atteded reunion? This might be my first one, hoping to see old acquaintances. Hasta la vista! William (Bill)

10/24/10 02:57 PM #3    

Carol (Theresa) Kersten (Leonard)

Great time at the reunion.  Thanks to all those hard workers that put it together.  I made it home safely in about 4 hours, stopping several times along the way, now to recoop from a great time with great friends.  It was nice to see those who have not attended before.

Take Care, and hope everyone has a safe trip home.

11/04/10 05:09 PM #4    

Anne Boyle (Wheeler)

Sorry to miss a great party! My only son, Ben, got married the day of the reunion in San Diego, so I was MOG (mother of groom). will hope to attend the next one.

Anne (Boyle) Wheeler

11/08/10 01:28 PM #5    

John Morgan

Greetings from Menlo Park , California ~

     The 40th Reunion for me was "My First" !  I was unable to attend the previous ones gone by.

     Many BIG Thank You's too Joliegh & Pam & Sandy !!!!!  Fantastic & Awesome Event !!!!!

     It Was Equal To A Imax Film Adventure !!!!!   Special  "Thank You's"  to  THE  BAND !!!!!!

     One final question here.

     Could some one please get back to me with  Gene Warren E-Mail  Address . 


                       Sincerely     John Morgan           Nov.  8th  







01/09/12 06:36 PM #6    

Curtis Barker

BHS CLASS of 1970 REUNION on picasa (googles photo sharing) has the pictures from the 40th reunion.


12/18/13 11:39 PM #7    

Debra Rodgers (Blackmon)

More mutual class photos:

Dorene Blackmon & Classmates, 2nd Grade, Desert Park


Debra Rodgers Blackmon & Classmates, 2nd Grade, Vieweg, Ms Dixon


Dorene Blackmon & Classmates, 3rd Grade, Richmond


Debra Rodgers Blackmon & Classmates, 3rd Grade, Vieweg, Miss Soule'


Dorene Blackmon & Classmates, 4th Grade, Richmond


Debra Rodgers Blackmon & Classmates, 4th Grade; missing

Dorene Blackmon & Classmates, 5th Grade, Murray


Debra Rodgers Blackmon & Classmates, 5th Grade, Richmond, Mr Storey; missing

Dorene Blackmon & Classmates, 6th Grade, Murray


Debra Rodgers Blackmon & Classmates, 6th Grade, Murray

12/19/13 10:26 PM #8    


Ty Pritchett

Great job collecting all of these, Debra.


07/23/15 12:46 PM #9    

Jeannie Rhyn (Perez)

Love seeing the class photos thanks Debbie.  The K teacher at Vieweg was Miss Crooksden (spelling?) and the First Grade-Vieweg was Mrs. Stump.

07/24/15 10:13 AM #10    


MaryAnn Hillman (Newton)

I was in Mrs. Stump's 1st grade class too! She was one of the best teachers! 

07/24/15 12:12 PM #11    

Willie Walters

What!! We were in the same class!? There were two kindergartens at the place I went. Our teacher was Mrs. Irving (?) and she would dye her hair. Her husband must have been in the military, because she went to Las Vegas by 1960 and unfortunately died not too many years after.  There were two classes in the morning, one in a sheet metal building, with a chain link fence around the play ground. When the weather was good, we could paint at easles outside. The other was in a wing directly across from us, they also had a chain link fence around some grass. We went there once to watch a couple of films, one of which was 'Willie the Skunk'.  We also went to the cafeteria  with the 'big' kids, had jello with carrot shavings (yum!) and danced the 'Hokey Pokey' (which may be what it's all about). The best treat would be 'milk duty', when you got to take the wagon and get milk at the office. Laura Dodson, Curtis Cardwell, Sam ? were in my class. Does anyone remember when somebody with connections to the 'Wyatt Earp' show came and gave out publicity stills? I had that for years.

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