BHS Class of 1970: K-6th Grade Elementary Class Photos

Dear Fellow BHS 1970 Classmates,

Seeking our mutual K-6th grade elementary class photos, taken between 1957 and 1964.  


Found below are those already collected--when known, school and teacher included.  


Enjoy these photos of our much younger fellow classmates.  View individual galleries for these, and hopefully, future additions to the stash, by grade.   


Please add to the collection by emailing me: debrab @ pacbell . net

(crunch those items together--I naively and hopefully anticipate my email address posted thusly prohibits it from falling into the hands of canned-meat). 


PS Not a computer whiz here--JPEG images preferred, please.  Unable to convert PDF pages for this project.  



Debra Rodgers Blackmon

PS New as of June 2016, 50th Anniversary 8th grade graduation celebration album.  Please add your memories?  

3 Photos  10/21/15
1st Grade
6 Photos  10/21/15
2nd Grade
7 Photos  10/21/15
3rd Grade
7 Photos  10/18/15
4th Grade
3 Photos  10/18/15
5th Grade
5 Photos  10/18/15
6th Grade
7 Photos  10/21/15
8th Grade Graduation 1966
1 Gallery  6/2/16