Our Song

Our class of ’70 is especially blessed with musical and creative talent, which we are still enjoying and benefiting from.  We are looking forward to rockin’ (maybe a bit more gently) to our band boys and enjoying handicraft and artwork of classmates at the reunion.  

Just recently Don Carlisle (desert musician, lyricist, story-teller and photographer) revealed that he is working on a special musical tribute to our class to hopefully be debuted in April.  He would really like to incorporate the memories and feelings of fellow classmates.  Please contribute and be a part of this special endeavor! 

What comes to mind when you think of those four years we all shared – on and off campus? What did it mean to you to grow up where you did?  How did it shape the years since then?  Send in a couple words, phrases, or detailed descriptions from which the essence can be distilled.  Be authentic – not everything about high school years and desert living is necessarily positive, some “stuff” just had to be survived, other aspects treasured forever.   Let’s preserve them in song and here on our exclusive Class of 70 website.  Thank you. 

Here's what you do....

Use the "Contact Us"  link on the home page and enter the words - few or many - that capture your strongest feelings and memories about your time in our desert community, especially during high school...friends, experiences, reflections then and now. You may have already done some of this on your profile page, so don't forget to check that resource.  All content will be forwarded to help inspire Don and also compiled and shared with all.  If you wish not to be identified, be sure to specify that. Otherwise, credit will be given.