Reunion Status-What Do You Think?

Please take the time to complete all of the questions, and be very candid.  We really need to know what the majority of our class thinks and feels about when and how to have this special event.  Responses are anonymous and will not be visible.  Results are aggregated by a survey tool within our website and will be used in total without individual identification.  If you would like to also submit questions, ideas and/or comments, please separately use the "Contact Us" link in the left column of the Home Page.

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1)   * If our reunion takes place this coming October, would you plan to attend?

2)   If you responded “no” to coming, what is the primary reason?

  Concern about the COVID 19 virus
  Personal situation, i.e. health issues, difficulty traveling, financial considerations, etc.
  No interest in coming to a reunion
  Other ( May use next field to explain)
3)   If you would like to add further explanation about your reasons above - use the following comment box

4)   Would you definitely come if all attendees were vaccinated?

Yes No
5)   Do you think that "proof" of vaccination should be a requirement to register for the reunion?

Yes No
This would be in the form of a copy of vaccination verification from administering site unless an official document is governmentally sanctioned.
6)   Are you (and spouse/SO who would attend with you) already or soon-to-be vaccinated?

Yes No
Remember individual responses are not reviewed
7)   Do you think our 50th reunion should be postponed until further out, maybe even a sort of a mid-way 50th-55th celebration?

8)   If you favor postponing the reunion, what would be your preference for a rescheduling target?

  August 2022
  September 2022
  Sometime in 2023

If you remember weather patterns in the Indian Wells Valley, take that into consideration
9)   Are you planning to attend the “All School” event scheduled November 6, 2021?

  Haven't decided