Reunion 2025 Survey

Greetings BHS Class of 1970 members

Wow!  It's time to start thinking about having a 55th class reunion in 2025.  We need your help to get started.  The number of people who plan to attend and when we'll get together drive the next steps, so please take a minute or two to answer the following few questions.  Please complete and submit by 04/14/24.  Thank you so much.

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1)   * Would you plan to come to a 55th class reunion event in 2025 if at all possible?

  I definitely plan to come to the 55th reunion if at all possible
  I am still considering, but will probably try to come
  Not sure, but probably not
  Definitely won't plan to come

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2)   If you are planning to come, would you be bringing a guest?

  I am definitely planning to come and will have a guest with me
  I am thinking about coming, and would bring a guest

Only answer if you are definitely planning to come or strongly considering coming.
3)   If you have a specific comment, question or request, please enter in space below